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Refixation of the joint lip

The rupture of the joint lip can occur during the injury of other structures, for example, with the dislocation of the shoulder joint. If you do not restore its integrity, the risk of repeated dislocation increases. Refixation of the joint lip is carried out arthroscopic.

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Refixation of the joint lip

The joint lip of the shoulder is a special cartilage gasket, which is located along the edge of the articular hollow of the articular process of the shoulder blade. She firmly “holds” the head of the shoulder bone in its place, as if a suction cup.

Expected effect

Improved movement

When the labrum ruptures, the shoulder becomes unstable and makes movement difficult.

Relief from pain

When cartilage tissue resolves, a person experiences severe discomfort and pain in the shoulder

Reducing the risk of shoulder injuries

A common complication with different articular labrum is shoulder injuries (dislocations, etc.)

Psychological comfort

Our physical state has a direct connection with our emotional state. Therefore, taking care of your health is extremely important!

Labral rupture

Labral rupture

During a dislocation, the labrum is torn and the head of the humerus is displaced. If treated incorrectly, chronic instability of the shoulder joint can develop.

Arthroscopic surgery can correct the situation

Arthroscopic surgery can correct the situation

Experienced trauma surgeons at Olympus Clinic perform refixation of the labrum using special instruments with powerful optical visualization. Arthroscopy can significantly reduce the time of surgical intervention, eliminate the cause of the pathology, reduce the risk of tissue damage and speed up the patient’s rehabilitation process.

Comfortable rooms for your speedy recovery

Indications and contraindications

Bankart damage

rupture of the joint lip of the shoulder joint


damage to the upper part of the joint lip of the shoulder joint

The instability of the shoulder joint

Weakening of the connective tissue (ligaments and joint capsule) surrounding the shoulder joint

The usual dislocation of the shoulder

displacement of the humerus forward or backward from the articular hollow of the shoulder blade occurs without an adequate injury

Pain syndrome

painful sensation that causes severe discomfort

Inefficiency of conservative treatment

The effect can be short -term and unstable.

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Refixation of the joint lip
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