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plastic surgery of the tip of the nose

Nasal tip surgery is a type of rhinoplasty that aims to change a specific area.

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plastic surgery of the tip of the nose

Nasal tip surgery is relevant for those patients who want to aesthetically improve the tip of the nose, as well as for patients who have previously had rhinoplasty

Expected effect

Psychological comfort

Long-awaited external changes improve self-esteem and help you become more confident

Aesthetic result

Plastic surgery of the tip of the nose allows you to turn imperfections into advantages

Desired shape

The surgeon achieves the best result for each individual case

Preparation for nasal tip plastic surgery

Preparation for nasal tip plastic surgery

It is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor and discuss all your wishes in detail. Having decided on the desired result, the doctor prescribes an examination. Also, during preparation for surgery, it is important for the patient to adjust his lifestyle: quit smoking and alcohol, avoid the use of antithrombotic drugs.

Nasal tip surgery

Nasal tip surgery

The first step is for the surgeon to make marks along which the incision will be made. Next, the patient is given anesthesia, and the doctor begins the operation. After making incisions, the doctor excises excess cartilage and soft tissue. When the desired result is achieved, the surgeon closes the incisions and places a fixation splint on the patient's nose. All interventions take place under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation is approximately 1-2 hours.

Rehabilitation after rhinoplasty

Rehabilitation after rhinoplasty

Nasal tip plastic surgery is an operation that all patients tolerate differently and the rehabilitation period depends on many factors and individual characteristics of the body. As a rule, the splint is removed after 2 weeks. Since nasal tip surgery is less traumatic than full rhinoplasty, swelling in the surgical area and around the eyes is small and goes away faster. After surgery, the patient must exclude: smoking and alcohol; physical exercise; visiting the sauna, bathhouse and swimming pool.

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plastic surgery of the tip of the nose
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