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Flebectomy is a radical method of treating varicose veins, which eliminates visible varicose veins, normalizes blood outflow, eliminates edema.

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from 51 000 ₽

The operation allows you to cure varicose veins by removing problem veins, which account for no more than 10% of the total volume of blood flow.

Expected effect

Elimination of varicose veins

The main effect of phlebectomy is the removal of visible manifestations of varicose veins, which leads to an improvement in the appearance of the legs.

Improving well-being

A phlebectomy can help eliminate symptoms such as pain, swelling, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Cosmetic effect

The operation can significantly improve the condition of the skin in the area prone to varicose veins.

Maintaining healthy veins

The operation allows you to remove only the veins affected by varicose veins, minimizing the impact on healthy veins.

Comfortable rooms for your speedy recovery

Benefits of the service

High efficiency

Phlebectomy is the most effective tool for the treatment of venous vessel dilation in varicose veins of any degree

Minimum recovery time

After phlebectomy, the rehabilitation period on average varies from 7 to 10 days

Minimal traces of interference

Small incisions to remove veins leave imperceptible traces of intervention


The operation is performed using anesthesia with sedation

Indications and contraindications

Extensive varicose veins

soreness or feeling of severity in the legs, burning sensation, pulsation, cramps, swelling


Blood clotting - blood clot

Trophic venous ulcer

The wound on the skin and in deeper tissues of the lower leg non -healing for at least six weeks

Severity and swelling in the legs

Vessels lose their tone, overflowed with blood

Large diameter veins

accumulation of larger fluid and further stretching of veins

Violation of the outflow of blood

difficulty in the outflow of blood through the veins from the brain

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Latyshev Alexander Vasilievich
Latyshev Alexander Vasilievich

Deputy Chief Physician for Surgery of Olymp Clinic. Candidate of Medical Sciences, surgeon of the highest category, phlebologist.

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Microosclerotherapy - a method of removing vascular stars, medium -sized dilated subcutaneous veins by introducing a sclerosant through a needle of small diameter.

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from 10 000 ₽

Miniflebectomy allows you to remove varicose veins through incisions under the incisos under the local anesthesia. Indications for such an operation are determined by a phlebologist after consultation.

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from 27 500 ₽

Flebectomy is a radical method of treating varicose veins, which eliminates visible varicose veins, normalizes blood outflow, eliminates edema.

Olymp Clinic
from 51 000 ₽
Endovascular laser coagulation

Evvk is a minimally invasive intervention, directed treatment of varicose veins, not requiring anesthesia, cuts and stay in the hospital.

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from 52 700 ₽

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