Osteosynthesis of the bone of the wrist

The pathologies of the wrist joint are engaged in pathologies of the wrist joint. With damage to the bones, it will perform the osteosynthesis procedure.

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Most often, patients turn to a cystic surgeon in the occurrence of pain in the wrist joint.However, the structural features of the wrist are such that in some cases people do not immediately notice the problem. Moderate pain does not exclude a fracture that may have unpleasant consequences.Often the only option for its treatment is surgical intervention. It allows you to stabilize the fragments, restore the integrity of the bone and ensure its proper fusion.

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The consequences of injuries

The consequences of injuries


The occurrence of unpleasant sensations associated with damage to the wrist

The instability of the cystic joint

Disharmonious functioning of the structures of the cystic joint

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Osteosynthesis of the bone of the wrist



In the event of a pain in the wrist joint and suspicion of a fracture, you should immediately seek help from a cystic surgeon. At the consultation, the doctor will conduct an examination and examination. When confirming the diagnosis, the specialist will talk about possible methods of treatment and options for fixing fragments, together with the patient will choose implants, determine the volume of surgical intervention and explain how rehabilitation will take place.



Before surgery, the patient needs to undergo a standard preoperative examination. Most often, osteosynthesis of the wrist bone is performed using conductor or general anesthesia. During the operation, the cystic surgeon stabilizes the fragments and restores the integrity of the bone to ensure proper fusion. In most cases, surgical intervention lasts about 15-40 minutes.



Depending on the type of fracture and the damaged structure, immobilization of the cystic joint can be performed, that is, its immobilization, using removable or non -vegetable latches. In the absence of pain, the patient leaves the clinic six hours after surgery. However, in some cases, a longer observation of the specialist is required, then the extract occurs the next day (after a control examination and dressing). Further recovery takes place at home in compliance with the recommendations issued by the attending physician.


Osteosynthesis of the bone of the wrist

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Osteosynthesis of the bone of the wrist
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