Complex treatment of patients with polypose rhinosinusitis

Polypose rhinosinusitis is accompanied by difficulty of breathing, smell loss, snoring and other symptoms. Only a comprehensively selected otorhinolaryngologist, treatment eliminates all the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

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Polypozoic rhinosinusitis is a pathology of the mucous membrane of the nose, paranasal sinuses, which is manifested by the formation and active growth of polyps. They are not discovered immediately. However, growing, worsening nasal breathing and smell, cause insomnia, hearing problems, headaches and a breakdown.The reason for the appearance of polyps in the nasal cavity may be the curvature of the nasal septum, narrow nasal passages, chronic inflammation in the sinuses of the nose, as well as allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, including: halflenosis, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma. Effective therapy of polypose rhinosinusitis consists of two stages.First, conservative treatment is performed in order to eliminate foci of chronic inflammation, to exclude the presence of allergens and potential food allergens. Then, planned surgical removal of outgrowths on the nasal mucosa is carried out.

Показания и противопоказания


Polyps of the nose

the growth of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages and the paranasal sinuses

Violation of nasal breathing, snoring

the development of acute, and later chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract

Brescent disorder

decrease, loss, or, conversely, strengthening the susceptibility of aromas

Recurrent sinusitis

Chronic infection of the nasal sinuses lasting more than three months

Frequent attacks of bronchial asthma

Symptoms of bronchial asthma are manifested in patients every week

The curvature of the nasal septum

change in the shape of the bone or cartilage of the anatomical structure

Процесс проведения

Complex treatment of patients with polypose rhinosinusitis


Consultation/conservative treatment

During the initial consultation, the otorinolaryngologist collects an anamnesis and examination of the patient. Then it prescribes a complex laboratory and functional diagnosis, which will reveal the causes of the disease. Based on the examination, conservative treatment is selected as the initial stage of complex therapy.Conservative treatment: at this stage, the effects of infectious agents and allergens are excluded on the body. The doctor is sanitizing foci of chronic infection and the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx. Along with this, anti -allergic therapy and immunocorrection are carried out.



The next step in the treatment of polypous rhinitis is surgery using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques. This reduces the risk of bleeding, possible complications, leads to the rapid healing of tissues and the restoration of the full function of nasal breathing, smell, elimination of polyps.



The restoration of the patient after a planned endoscopic ENT operating does not take much time. The attending physician draws up an individual rehabilitation plan, which takes place at home and lasts an average of 7-10 days. During this period, certain restrictions must be observed: to refrain from visiting the bath, sauna, pool, completely eliminated alcohol and any physical activity. The doctor also sets the dates of repeated examinations and gives recommendations on the prevention of repeated cases of the disease.


Complex treatment of patients with polypose rhinosinusitis

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Complex treatment of patients with polypose rhinosinusitis
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