Removing benign skin neoplasms

Skin neoplasms are dangerous with risk of malignancy. They can also create aesthetic discomfort. The oncodermatologist will conduct an inspection and, if necessary, will send for an operation to remove education.

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A benign neoplasm of the skin leads to the growth of the dermis and the emergence of a skin growth. This pathology can have various structures, but the cells of any neoplasm are rapidly propagated.In rare cases, a benign tumor develops into malignant, but it requires the attention of an oncodermatologist, which will help determine the nature of the skin education.Does the neoplasm bring you discomfort and spoils the appearance? Want to stop the growth of the tumor and prevent its secondary appearance? - Visit an experienced specialist Olympus Clinic and be calm for your health and beauty!

Prescriptions and contraindications



A benign formation from the fibers of the connective tissue, which is present in every organ of the human body


A benign tumor developing in a layer of subcutaneous connective tissue


The pathological cavity caused by the clogging of the excretory duct of the sebaceous gland.


A benign tumor caused by the congenital pathology of the lymphotic system.

Benign skin neoplasms

Warts, papillomas


Leather formation caused by the cluster of the pigment


Removing benign skin neoplasms

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Removing benign skin neoplasms
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