Removing cysts of the abdominal organs

Cysters of the abdominal organs are a pathology that is potentially dangerous to human health. Cysts are removed during the operation after a preliminary consultation of the surgeon and examination.

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Cysts are liquid formations with your own capsule. They can cause discomfort and not show themselves for a long time. Finding a cyst is extremely difficult. Therefore, for an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to consult a surgeon who can detect an organ cyst due to modern equipment.The development and progression of cysts is dangerous for humans, since they gradually increase in size and begin to compress the organs localized nearby, violating their blood circulation. Therefore, it should be diagnosed and removed in time.Visit Olympus Clinic to timely detect education on the internal organ and eliminate it with a minimally invasive surgical method!

Показания и противопоказания


Liver cyst

Filled fluid cavity in the liver

Cyst of spleen

Filled pathological cavity in the spleen

Extraordinated cyst

Fluid filled with a pathological cavity located outside the specific organs of a person


Pathological cavity filled with fluid located in the pelvic organs

Cyst of retroperitoneal space

Pathological cavity filled with fluid

Процесс проведения

Removing cysts of the abdominal organs



At the consultation, a surgeon finds out what complaints the patient has, then examines him and appoints an examination. If, according to the results of diagnostic studies, it is necessary to perform an operation, then the doctor selects the method of surgical intervention and talks about preparing for the operation. Thanks to modern equipment, Olympus Clinic doctors have the opportunity to conduct operations with minimally invasive methods, including laparoscopic.



The cyst is removed through small punctures on the skin under video control. The surgeon introduces the tools through small punctures in the abdominal wall and produces a cyst under the control of the camera. Carbon dioxide is introduced into the stomach, due to which the space is created. Before removing the cyst, liquid contents are removed from it, and its capsule is freely extracted from the abdominal cavity. On the second day, the patient can go home. After the operation, all the doctor’s recommendations must be followed.


Removing cysts of the abdominal organs

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Removing cysts of the abdominal organs
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