Therapist consultation

The therapist is a doctor who will provide qualified assistance to patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory systems. If necessary, the therapist will prescribe an additional laboratory and instrumental examination, and also direct to narrow specialists.

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The therapist is a doctor that we turn to first, when we feel malaise. With a visit to the therapist, diagnosis and treatment of almost all internal diseases begins.The therapist’s competence includes treatment and diagnosis of colds, acute respiratory viral infections, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, lung diseases, joint diseases, spine and back.Experienced practitioners conduct consultation at Olympus Clinic. The examinations are carried out neatly and painlessly. Experts regularly improve their qualifications, undergo professional retraining, study new methods

Показания и противопоказания


Malaise and gastrointestinal violations

Gastritis, duodenites,Violation of appetite and sharp change in weight


Preventive medical examination

With problems with the cardiovascular system

Heart disease and blood vessels.

With problems with the musculoskeletal system and joints

Various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system

Urological diseases

For problems of the urine system

General malaise

With pain and malaise of incomprehensible pathogenesis

Процесс проведения

Therapist consultation


Primary consultation

You can sign up for a consultation with Trickuter at any time. The average consultation time depends on the complaints and lasts from 30 to 90 minutes.The specialist will conduct an initial inspection, collect an anamnesis, after which additional examinations can be prescribed for the installation of an accurate diagnosis.



A person cannot always independently determine what caused certain symptoms, so diagnosis in therapy plays a very important role. For diagnosis, the doctor conducts a professional examination of the patient and prescribes him to take the necessary tests.Then, if necessary, the therapist directs the patient to a narrow specialist: otorhinolaryngologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, etc. If the disease and its cause cannot be determined unambiguously, then the patient can be directed to several doctors at once.


Repeated consultation

After undergoing the necessary studies, testing analyzes and narrow -profile specialists, the therapist clarifies the diagnosis and prescribes effective treatment.The therapist controls the dynamics of the disease, if necessary, immediately attracts other specialists to adjust the prescribed treatment.


Therapist consultation

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Когрушева Юлия Петровна

Когрушева Юлия Петровна

Врач-терапевт, гастроэнтеролог. Специалист в области профилактики и лечения болезней желудочно-кишечного тракта, органов дыхания.

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Therapist consultation
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