Orthodox surgery

Incorrect development of the bite interferes with the meal, speech, leads to distortion of facial features. Such problems can be corrected by orthodontic surgery.

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Surgical orthodontics-the direction of the maxillofacial surgery, which helps people with bite abnormalities that have arisen due to congenital disorders or injuries.An incorrect bite can not only affect self -esteem, but also cause the loss of teeth or the development of joint diseases.To avoid these problems, the complex of orthodontic measures may include: surgical expansion of the jaw - sarpe, expansion based on palate minivants - marpe, vector and fragmented osteotomy.

Показания и противопоказания


Enormalities of the bite

improper location of the teeth and violation of close

Violation of facial features

Western or protruding the lower jaw

The risk of complications

With untimely detection, the development of various complications is possible

Процесс проведения

Orthodox surgery



At an advisory technique, the maxillofacial surgeon examines the patient and discusses with him possible options for operations that will become part of a complex of orthodontic measures aimed at correcting the bite. The doctor also talks about the recovery time, answers questions.



Sarpe (Surgical Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) - surgical expansion of the palate. First, the patient is performed, then a special apparatus is installed for expanding the jaw, which occurs under the supervision of an orthodont. MARPE (Miniscrew Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) is an alternative method, in which expansion occurs on palate on palate minivants.



The terms of rehabilitation after Sarpe, Marpe, vector and fragmented osteotomy, which are part of a complex of orthodontic measures, are individual. They are discussed during the consultation of the maxillofacial surgeon, and the list of recommendations and restrictions is issued after the operation.


Orthodox surgery

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Orthodox surgery
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