Cutting diastasis

Diastasis is the divergence of the rectus abdominal muscles, which is often found in women after childbirth. You can give an aesthetic appearance to the abdomen and return the tone to the muscles by surgery to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

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Diastasis is not only a non -aesthetic appearance, but also serious consequences. At first, the disease may not show itself, then pains appear, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, hernia. This pathology is based on stretching and expanding the white line of the abdomen - a tendon that is between the rectus muscles.Diastasis is formed against the background of increased intra -Brush pressure or violation of the properties of the connective fibers. As a rule, the main factors of the appearance of diastasis are pregnancy and obesity.In Olympus, the clinic has the opportunity to get rid of diastasis using a minimally invasive laparoscopic operation, after which the traces remain invisible. Visit a surgeon to forget about an unpleasant disease forever!

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Cutting diastasis



At the consultation, the surgeon examines the patient and evaluates the volume of surgery. If necessary, the patient is directed to diagnostic studies in order to verify the absence of contraindications. At a full -time admission, the doctor answers in detail the questions about suturing diastasis, and also talks about preparing for the operation. The choice of the method of operation by a surgeon depends on the size of the diastasis and physical form of the patient. Perhaps the simultaneous performing of abdominoplasty selects the method of surgical intervention and talks in detail about preparation for the operation. Operations in Olympus Clinic are carried out by the laparoscopic method, which provides the least intervention in the patient’s body and rapid rehabilitation.



With diastasis of the rectus abdominal muscles, the surgeon uses two methods of intervention: laparoscopic, as well as through a small incision in the navel. Surgical intervention in the Olympus Clinic is carried out under the video -sized control of Storz and OLIMP racks. An important advantage of suturing diastasis in Olympus clinics is the lack of unaesthetic traces on the body after punctures/cuts. The operation to suture diastasis is carried out under the anesthesia in the operating room. Rehabilitation depends on the method of operation, which will be chosen together with a surgeon.


Cutting diastasis

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Cutting diastasis
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