Orthognatical surgery

The maxillofacial surgeon will advise and select an effective method of treating patients with impaired development of the upper and lower jaw.

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Brect systems allow us to eliminate various bite disorders. However, in some cases, treatment is impossible without the participation of the maxillofacial surgeon.Orthognetic surgery helps when opening the dentitions of the upper and lower jaws, a gingival smile, a violation of the proportions of the face, noticeable asymmetry.Interventions can be carried out on one or both jaws. The use of piezo surgical scalpel reduces the duration of surgery and rehabilitation, provides an excellent aesthetic result.

Показания и противопоказания


Anomalies of the structure and development of the jaws

displacement of one of the jaws, excessive development or increase

Protecting or mesial bite

violation of the closure of dentitions


Forced dentition opening

The impossibility of improving orthodontic structures

The inability to use in complex pathologies of bite

Процесс проведения

Orthognatical surgery



If it is necessary to quickly correct the bite, a consultation of the maxillofacial surgeon is prescribed, at which the doctor conducts an examination and examination of the patient-three-dimensional modeling of the jaw. They are needed to draw up a treatment plan. Then the features of the upcoming surgical intervention and the rehabilitation period are discussed.



On the eve of surgical intervention, the patient undergoes an examination to exclude contraindications and risk of complications. Orthognatic operations are carried out on one or both jaws. Correction is performed under general anesthesia and can last up to several hours.



In most cases, the patient conducts the first days of rehabilitation after an orthogenic operation in the Olympus Clinic hospital. Then he goes home. The doctor issues a list of restrictions and recommendations before discharge.


Orthognatical surgery

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Orthognatical surgery
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