Malelplasty is a technique by which you can change the shape of the face by increasing or reducing the volume of the zygomatic region.

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Throughout life, the zygomatic region undergoes certain changes associated with the effects of gravity. It leads to omission of tissues and a change in the face.Signs of aging, congenital and acquired defects, as well as violations in the development of the middle zone of the face are the common reasons for the appeal to the maxillofacial surgeons, which are able to adjust the form of cheekbones through surgical intervention-painting plastics.This operation allows you to improve facial features and eliminate age -related changes.

Показания и противопоказания


Dissatisfaction with the shape of the cheekbones

Deformed shape of the cheekbones

Pronounced asymmetry of the cheekbones

Assymmetry of face proportions in the sculpture

Disorders of the development of the middle part of the face

omission of tissues and facial change

Congenital defects

Various types of facial asymmetry

The consequences of injuries

mechanical damage that occurred after injuries or an opera

Age -related changes

Saw and sagging cheeks, facial asymmetry of cheekbones, ptosis

Процесс проведения




Before carrying out painting plastics, the patient needs a consultation of the maxillofacial surgeon. A full -time conversation with the doctor allows you to determine the presence of indications for the operation and the absence of contraindications. At the reception, all possible options for correcting the form of cheekbones and the features of the rehabilitation period are discussed, the result is predicted.



Preparation for painting plastics implies the mandatory undergoing preoperative examination, the results of which must be provided to the clinic in advance in order to confirm the absence of contraindications. The course of the operation depends on the testimony and wishes of the patient. The increase in the cheekbones with implants involves the performance of small sections in the oral cavity and the scalp. To reduce the cheekbones, liposuction is carried out, the removal of bisha lumps or grinding bones. Surgical intervention lasts from 60 to 150 minutes.



The patient spends the first day after painter plastration in the Olympus Klinic Olympus under round -the -clock supervision of medical personnel. Further rehabilitation takes place at home. The recovery dates depend on the surgical intervention. The formation of the final result takes up to six months.

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