Treatment of gallstone disease

Gallstone disease is a disease of the biliary tract, with the formation of calculi in them, which can block the outflow of bile. In such a situation, an emergency operation is needed. In order to avoid surgical intervention, regular monitoring with a doctor is necessary.

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Gallstone disease consists in the appearance of large and small stones in the bile ducts and bubbles. The disease develops gradually, for several years. The patient may not notice the symptoms of the housing and communal services, but later they will cause him a lot of inconvenience.With untimely treatment, a person can have an acute attack with severe pain, and can also cause a violation of bile giving, which will require emergency surgical treatment to save life. Do you want to diagnose the disease and engage in its treatment?Modern equipment in Olympus clinics allows doctors to quickly identify the disease in the early stages, as well as conduct an operation with a minimally invasive method to solve problems with the gall bladder once and for all!

Показания и противопоказания


Severity in the right hypochondrium

Can be displaced, give into the hand or upper abdomen

Painful sensations in the stomach and throat

Nausea and heartburn


Excess gases in the intestines


Problems of the gastrointestinal tract

Процесс проведения

Treatment of gallstone disease



At the consultation, a surgeon finds out what complaints the patient has, then examines him and appoints an examination. Depending on the clinical case, the surgeon gives recommendations and selects the therapy method, which allows you to qualitatively cure the disease. If it is necessary to perform the operation, then after conducting diagnostic research, the surgeon chooses the method of surgical intervention and talks in detail about preparation for the operation. Operations in the laparoscopic method are carried out, which provides the least intervention in the patient’s body and rapid rehabilitation.



The advantages of treating gallstone disease in Olympus Clinic are the professionalism of doctors and modern equipment, which allows you to conduct operations with minimally invasive methods. If necessary, after operations, patients may remain in the Olympus Clinic hospital and the first 2 days with the doctor.


Treatment of gallstone disease

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Treatment of gallstone disease
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