Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region

To obtain accurate information about the structures of the facial tissues, the relationship of elements of the maxillofacial apparatus, computed tomography is performed. It gives complete information on the basis of which the diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed.

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A modern method of studying the dentition, expanding and complementing the possibilities of traditional radiological studies (sights of teeth, orthopantomography); allowing to identify and accurately localize developing pathologies, monitor the effectiveness of treatment and prosthetics with volumetric visualization of organs and tissues.Effective and accurate diagnostics - the correct diagnosis and effective treatment, sign up for CT in Olympus Clinic!

Показания и противопоказания


Prevention of diseases of the oral cavity

Treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa

Risk assessment of complications

Diagnosis of the risk of complications

Planning of aesthetic procedures

Drawing up a plan for future aesthetic dental procedures

Процесс проведения

Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region



X -ray examination (diagnosis) in Olympus clinics is performed by a specialist with the necessary license. Before carrying out the procedure, the patient puts on a protective apron, then an X -ray of the desired areas is made. The duration of the study depends on the number of pictures that the attending physician will be needed to obtain a complete picture about the condition of the patient's oral cavity.


Further treatment

After an X -ray study (diagnosis), the dentist studies the pictures and discusses with the patient all issues relating to the condition of the teeth and oral cavity, gives recommendations on hygiene. If problems and diseases have been identified, the doctor draws up the optimal treatment plan and talks in detail about the procedures that are included in it. Date of the next visit is set depending on the testimony and wishes of the patient.


Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region

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Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region
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