Genioplasty is a change in the shape of the chin that will give the face the correct proportions and make it more harmonious.

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Small, large, mowed, insufficiently developed or protruding forward. The shape and size of the chin has a significant impact on the perception of the face and neck, therefore, for many people, congenital defects, asymmetry or the consequences of injuries become causes of psychological discomfort and dissatisfaction with their own appearance.To fix natural features and eliminate traces of damage allows the genioplasty - an operation aimed at changing the shape of the chin region.

Показания и противопоказания


Dissatisfaction with the shape of the chin

Fuzzy line of chin

Dissatisfaction with the size of the chin

Too small or large height of the chin

Violations of the development of the chin department

Deformation of the lips and lower third of the face

Congenital defects

Changing the size, shape and position of the chin

Pronounced asymmetry

Pathology in which the right and left sides of the face are noticeably different

The consequences of injuries

Mechanical damage to the chin department

Процесс проведения




The consultative technique of the maxillofacial surgeon is a mandatory stage of preparation for any surgical intervention, including genioplasty. At a full -time meeting, the doctor and the patient discuss possible correction options, features of the rehabilitation period, the expected result.



On the eve of surgical intervention, the patient needs to take tests and undergo a comprehensive examination. According to its results, in the absence of contraindications, the final decision on the operation is made. Depending on the indications of the maxillofacial surgeon, it adjusts the form, reduces or increases the chin. When installing the implant and osteotomy, general anesthesia is used, and in lipofilling local analgesic is possible. Surgical intervention lasts from 40 to 120 minutes.



Within one or two days after the genioplasty, the patient is in a hospital, where the Olympus Clinic monitoring his condition around the clock. Before discharge, the doctor conducts an examination, removes drainage and issues a list of recommendations that must be observed at home. The main rehabilitation period after genioplasty takes about four to six weeks.

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