Shaping a narrow waist

"Narrow waist" is an operation to change the geometry of the ribs (the ribs are not removed) and shape the contour of the waist.

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A narrow waist is the dream of many girls. A revolutionary surgical technique makes it possible to achieve this without having any negative impact on the health of the patient.A narrow waist is created by changing the geometry of the ribs, without removing them.The surgery is minimally traumatic, allowing for up to minus 10 sm in the waist. And once the rehabilitation period is over, patients do not face any restrictions.

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Desire to reduce waist circumference

"Straight" chest

Inadequate waistline contour

Процесс проведения

Shaping a narrow waist



Before the operation, patients must have a CT scan of the chest and ribs, the results of which are discussed with the doctor during a face-to-face consultation. All details of the future surgical procedure are discussed as part of the discussion. The plastic surgeon will also calculate the final cost of the operation, prescribe the necessary tests and write a consultation report.



The exclusive Narrow Waist Surgery at the Olympus Clinic is only performed by prescription. In order for the surgery to take place, the patient must be given the results of tests and examinations in good time. There must be no contraindications to elective surgery. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation depends on the characteristics of the body and the type and extent of the correction. Translated with (free version)



After surgery, the patient is transferred to a comfortable room at the Olympus Clinic until the evening or until the next morning, depending on the overall condition. The medical staff monitors the patient's condition around the clock to ensure there is no risk of complications. Discharge from hospital takes place after authorisation by an anaesthesiologist and intensive care physician. In order to obtain the desired result the corset must be worn (in the first 10 days it can be loosened and removed temporarily; further on and until the complete consolidation of the rib bones it must be kept in place) and all the additional recommendations given by the plastic surgeon must be followed. Three months after the operation there is a follow-up CT scan of the chest and ribs, and then the patient waits for the final examination by the plastic surgeon.


Shaping a narrow waist

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Shaping a narrow waist
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