Life Viz 3D Camera

This is a unique apparatus that allows you to simultaneously conduct a deep layer -by -layer analysis of the condition of the skin and demonstrate the expected effect of various procedures on a particular patient in 3D format. Real -time modeling will clearly demonstrate how the individual expectations of the patient can be realized taking into account the anatomical features. The assessment of the quality of the skin is carried out in all respects: wrinkles, pores, fat content, blood vessels, pigmentation, smoothness.

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Life Viz 3D Camera
The Life Viz 3D frame allows you to reproduce the image of the face on the screen in 3D format, which allows the patient not only to see the problem areas from the side, but also to look at the desired result.Using the apparatus, you can get a full multilayer analysis of the skin to select optimal treatment tactics.To create a model using the Life-Viz camera, it takes only a few minutes, after which the patient can receive a personal report with recommendations for treatment from a doctor.


Life Viz 3D Camera


Диагностика кожи

Диагностика кожи – комплекс мероприятий, в результате которых будет составлено заключение о ее состоянии, даны рекомендации по профилактике кожных заболеваний, рекомендовано лечение имеющихся патологий кожи.

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Life Viz 3D Camera

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Life Viz 3D Camera
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