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Secondary rhinoplasty: how do I fix my nose after surgery?

Secondary or revision rhinoplasty is a delicate and complex operation, as the surgeon works with the delicate structures of the nose that have been damaged. There are two tasks at once: to restore normal breathing and the aesthetic shape of the nose. An additional task is to help the patient feel calm before the second surgical intervention. In the article we will tell you what mistakes a surgeon can correct after an unsuccessful operation.

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February 29, 2024

When do I need a second nose job?

A common reason is the discrepancy between reality and expectations, when the patient no longer likes the nose. In addition to cosmetic imperfections, complications may arise due to improper surgery technique. And this already affects not only the psychological state of the patient, but also the physical one. Check if you have the following problems after nose correction: 

shortness of breath;
depressions, indentations on the nose;
asymmetry of the sides of the nose;
violation of the sense of smell;
scars, visible scars;
pain when touching the nose.

If you find similar signals, come for a consultation at Olympus Clinic with plastic surgeon Alexander Andreevich Malakhov. Alexander Andreevich will ask about your concerns, conduct a thorough examination of the nose, perform a CT scan or X-ray to assess the condition of the bone and cartilage structures of the nose. The doctor will also ask about your vision of beauty in order to make an individual correction plan. Remember that the final results after primary rhinoplasty can be evaluated only after six months. 

How does secondary rhinoplasty work?

Preparation: The patient is put under general anesthesia. Next, the surgeon marks the areas that he will correct.
Access selection (during consultation with the surgeon):
Closed method: The surgeon makes incisions inside the nose. It is used to correct mild deformations. 
Open method: Involves an incision on the columella, which allows the surgeon to tighten the skin over the cartilage of the nose for wider access.
Working with the structure of the nose: The surgeon corrects the cartilage and bone tissues of the nose to improve their shape and restore functionality. Fabrics can be removed, added, or moved. If there is a shortage of tissues, the surgeon transplants them from the patient's rib. 
Additional corrections: If necessary, the surgeon can correct the septum (septoplasty).
Incision closure: With closed access, the surgeon sutures inside the nose with absorbable threads. When open, the surgeon sutures the incisions on the septum with threads that will need to be removed. 
Care: The patient will need to rest a lot, avoid physical exertion. Alexander Malakhov, the surgeon, gives detailed instructions on healing the nose after plastic surgery, prescribes control procedures, and keeps in touch with the patient to give additional recommendations.  
Recovery after revision rhinoplasty
The outcome of the operation depends on rehabilitation. Even before the correction, our plastic surgeon Alexander Andreevich Malakhov will tell you about precautions, how to relieve pain during healing, how long bruises will take. We have compiled a list of restrictions during rehabilitation:
Do not wash your face on the first day after surgery unless recommended by your doctor.
For the first 48 hours, eat soft, non-hot food.
Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke for a month.
Do not sunbathe in the sun and do not go to the solarium for 2 months. 
Do not exercise for at least a month. 

Is it possible to get a perfect nose contour after repeated rhinoplasty?

It is possible when this task is in the hands of plastic surgeon Alexander Andreevich Malakhov. Alexander Andreevich is a plastic surgeon, a specialist in the field of nose surgery with 13 years of experience. The doctor deals with the elimination of various deformities of the nose and curvature of the septum. In his social networks, Alexander Andreevich shares the results before / after without retouching, talks about interesting cases of patients, shares the process of working without censorship. Even the most difficult cases are taken and patients regain self-confidence, trouble-free well-being.

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