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Dentistry at Olympus Clinics

A beautiful smile, self-confidence and proper functioning of the whole body depend on the health of the oral cavity. Neglect of hygiene and regular checkups at the dentist can lead to diseases that require long and expensive treatment. Therefore, you can always seek help from the dentists of Olympus Clinics. Our specialists work hard to ensure that every patient receives high-quality care and enjoys a healthy and beautiful smile.

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June 4, 2024

Olymp Clinic Dentistry is:

Qualified specialists

Our team has highly specialized dentists: a dental surgeon, an orthodontist, an orthopedic dentist and a maxillofacial surgeon. Our doctors have many years of experience and deep knowledge in their fields, which allows them to restore the aesthetics and functionality of the dental system at the highest level.

Expert class equipment

Modern technologies and tools used by doctors at Olympus Clinics ensure high accuracy and minimal invasiveness of procedures. Due to this, patients receive better treatment results, as well as recover quickly after. 

A wide range of services

At Olympus Clinics, we offer the most important and in-demand dental services: from the treatment of caries, canals and gums to implantation, bone grafting and alignment of teeth on braces. One of the key procedures of the clinic is cleaning teeth under a microscope and treatment under sedation. 

Brushing teeth under a microscope

This is an innovative dental procedure for professional oral hygiene. With the help of a microscope, it is possible to significantly increase the working area, which allows the dentist to examine the surface of the teeth and gums in detail, as well as remove even the smallest deposits and plaque that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Advantages of brushing teeth under a microscope

  • The procedure allows you to remove not only surface deposits, but also those that penetrate deep into the interdental space and under the gum.

  • The microscope reduces the chance of missing problem areas and reduces the risk of damage to teeth and gums.

  • After brushing, the teeth become smooth and shiny, and the smile is more attractive.

  • Regular cleaning helps to maintain oral health for a long time.

The process of brushing teeth under a microscope

The oral cavity is cleaned of surface impurities. If necessary, local anesthesia is performed, after which the doctor thoroughly cleans the tartar and plaque using a microscope and instruments. Dental surfaces are polished to prevent plaque formation and coated with a fluoride-containing compound to strengthen the enamel.

Brushing teeth under a microscope at Olympus Clinics is a guarantee of high—quality and safe care for your smile. 

Dental treatment under sedation

Sedation is a method that allows you to bring a patient into a state of calm with the help of special drugs. As a result, the patient feels comfortable during treatment. This is especially true for those who are afraid of going to the dentist or have an increased sensitivity to pain.

The benefits of dental treatment under sedation

Sedation helps patients to be treated without stress and panic.
Procedures that usually cause discomfort or pain become more tolerable.
A relaxed patient allows the dentist to work faster and more efficiently.
Sedation drugs act quickly and are eliminated from the body without consequences, which allows the patient to return to normal life soon after the procedure.

The process of dental treatment under sedation

Depending on the sedation method, the patient takes the drug orally, through inhalation or receives an intravenous injection. The dentist performs the necessary therapeutic manipulations, while the patient is in a state of deep relaxation. After completion of treatment, the patient is monitored for some time until full recovery of consciousness and reaction.

Dental treatment under sedation is an ideal solution for those who want to get rid of the fear of dentists and receive high—quality treatment.

Olympus Clinic offers advanced dental treatment methods and high-quality service, ensuring the health and beauty of your smile. Our team of qualified specialists, modern equipment and a wide range of services allow us to solve any dental problems at the highest level.

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