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Reconstruction of the nose. All about the operation

Reconstructive rhinoplasty is an operation to correct congenital or acquired defects, as well as to restore the nose after unsuccessful plastic surgery. If you have undergone rhinoplasty and you have problems with breathing or the shape of your nose, this is a reason to turn to reconstructive rhinoplasty. In the article we will tell you how the nose reconstruction operation goes.

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March 13, 2024

What problems does nose reconstruction solve?

The operation is performed to restore the nose after injuries such as:

  • Fractures;

  • Curved partition;

  • Asymmetry of the sides of the nose;

  • Burns;

  • Nasal congestion.

Or with birth defects: 

  • Cleft lip, palate;

  • Shortness of breath.

At a consultation with Alexander Andreevich Malakhov, a plastic surgeon, the doctor will collect information about your general health and tell you in detail about the surgical intervention. In severe cases, several operations may be required.

How is the operation going?

Nose reconstruction is performed using different methods, the choice depends on the degree of injury. You can use an open or closed rhinoplasty technique. With an open technique, the surgeon makes incisions inside the nose and an additional incision on the bridge of the nose between the nostrils (columella). When closed, all incisions inside the nose. Common reconstructive methods include skin grafting, scar revision, restoration of a curved septum, nasal valve. Throughout the entire process, patients sleep under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgical intervention takes from 1 to 2 hours. 

Revision rhinoplasty often requires the use of cartilage to structurally support the tip and/or bridge of the nose. Cartilage tissue may not be enough, so the surgeon takes it from other parts of the body. For example, from the ear or rib. Soft tissue irregularities along the bridge of the nose or tip of the nose may also require fabric that provides cover or camouflage and acts as a "natural filler." An excellent source is the "temporal fascia", which can be obtained from a remote incision within the hairline. Sometimes scarring inside the nose requires the use of skin grafts to open the narrowed airways.

About rehabilitation 

In the first days after the operation, you will have swelling and bruising. This is a normal reaction of the body to surgery. Alexander Malakhov will talk about home care, which will accelerate tissue healing and medications that will ease discomfort. Collected tips and limitations during recovery: 


  1. It is important to rest a lot and avoid physical exertion in the first few days after surgery.

  2. The doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory, painkillers, as well as antibiotics to prevent infections.

  3. You will need to monitor the condition of the wounds. They should stay clean and dry.

  4. Replenish your diet with foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help your body recover faster.

  5. Do not smoke or drink, as this may slow down the healing process.

Do not wear glasses for 4-5 weeks, as they can put pressure on the bridge of your nose and affect healing. Contact lenses can be a temporary alternative, as they do not interfere with the healing process.

Aesthetic nose shape and free breathing in one operation

Reconstructive rhinoplasty at Olympus Clinics is performed by our highly specialized specialist in the field of nasal surgery — Alexander Andreevich Malakhov. The doctor always takes care not only of creating an attractive appearance of the nose, but also of its healthy functionality. He is deeply versed in human anatomy, so even at the consultation he honestly tells patients what awaits them after surgery. Alexander Andreevich does not radically change the appearance of the patient, but only emphasizes the beauty of facial features. On our website you can get acquainted with the works of Alexander Malakhov.

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