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Do I need to use SPF if you are not going on vacation?

If you are one of those who buys spf funds only when planning a vacation, this post is for you.

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April 5, 2024

Olympieva Anastasia Sergeevna, a doctor at the Olympic Clinic, tells you why you should use spf if you will be in the city all summer

Even in the city in the spring and summer, we are exposed to UV radiation. In general, it is always important to focus on the UV index. When it becomes 3 or more, you need to apply sun protection products regardless of where you are – in the city or at the resort

UV rays, in addition to tanning, also give photoaging. It has been proven that 75% of wrinkles and lack of elasticity are the result of photoaging. It can only be avoided if you use funds with spf on a regular basis

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