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How to make a slim waist?

Tighten the corset, twist the hula hoop until you drop, or sit on strict diets? How to make a slim belly and waist like Kendall Jenner? We fully support sports and proper nutrition, as they will help to remove excess weight and get aesthetic contours of the figure. However, the waistline is more difficult. A very thin waist is a genetic lottery. If you have a wide chest and a small distance between your ribs and pelvis, it will be difficult to achieve a "wasp waist". In such cases, plastic surgery comes to the rescue. We will tell you how to make your waist smaller with surgery and non-surgical methods.

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June 27, 2024

Let's start in order: is it possible to lose weight in the waist?

The first thing to clarify is that it is impossible to reduce fat in any area of the body. To lose weight in the waist area, you need to follow a diet and exercise in a way that suits your goals. In this case, the goal is to reduce adipose tissue. As a result, you will get harmonious and graceful curves.

Remember that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. Rapid weight loss is usually short-term in nature. This means that there is a high probability that you will gain weight again quickly. You won't get a slimmer waist in a week, two weeks, or even a month. So be patient and give your body time.

Sports and physical activity

Cardio in tandem with strength training should become a major part of your fitness program. Strength training helps the body maintain and build muscle mass while burning fat. They include weight exercises that allow you to get relief and tone your muscles, including your abdominal muscles. Cardio increases calorie burning and creates a deficit necessary for weight loss.

What applies to cardio?

Running – outdoors or on a treadmill.
Walking is especially brisk walking or walking uphill.
Bike – on the street or on an exercise bike.
Swimming – any style of swimming.
Aerobics – classical, step aerobics, zumba, etc.
Jumping – without or with a rope.
Rowing simulator – exercises on a rowing simulator.
Dancing is an energetic style of dancing.
Hiking – hiking in the highlands.
What applies to power?
Dumbbell workouts – dumbbell press, dumbbell pull in a tilt, dumbbell squats.
Barbell workouts – bench press, deadlift, barbell squats.
Training with kettlebells – for example, squats with kettlebells.
Strength training equipment – leg press.
Exercises with your own body weight – push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, plank.
Exercises with elastic bands – training of various muscle groups with rubber bands.
Crossfit is a complex exercise that combines elements of strength and functional training.
Functional training – exercises aimed at improving the functional capabilities of the body, such as rope training.
Pilates is an exercise with its own weight and sometimes additional devices: rings and balls.
For beginners, we recommend starting with two cardio sessions, one strength training and four days of rest per week. At first, cardio should not take more than 20-30 minutes per workout. When choosing strength exercises, you need to use two or three muscle groups of the upper or lower body. After two to three weeks of regular training, you can gradually increase the training time and workload.

About food

Instead of a strict diet, keep an eye on the content of macronutrients. This involves tracking the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats you eat every day, not just calories. Many people only count calories, because it is a calorie deficit that leads to weight loss, but it is also important where you get them from.

Focus on eating good carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plenty of protein. You don't need to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet to create a beautiful and slim waistline. The main thing is to consume unrefined carbohydrates: whole grains, brown rice, oats, etc.

Protein is important not only for building muscle mass. It is one of the most important macronutrients, as it helps to restore muscles and maintain a feeling of satiety for longer. Therefore, always try to eat foods high in protein, such as eggs, meat, fish and dairy products.

What won't help to make a perfect waistline?

If you Google "How to get an hourglass figure and a slim waist", you will see many methods to quickly achieve ideal proportions: from massages to wraps. However, almost all of them are useless for reducing volumes, since they work only at the surface level. Let's look at these methods in more detail.


This is a great way to relieve stress and relax. It can stimulate the digestive system, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, and help restore muscles after exercise. Massage is a useful addition to training and proper nutrition, but it does not work as a tool for weight loss and reducing body volume. But massage at Olympus Clinics can be a pleasant ritual after a day at work or intensive classes.

Training with a hula hoop

The hula hoop or hoop gained its popularity due to the myth that training with it improves the shape of the abdomen. But there is no scientific evidence that using a hoop promotes weight loss. The hoop can be useful in exercises aimed at fat burning, but only as an auxiliary tool. It has a physical effect on the upper layers of the skin and abdominal muscles, accelerating blood circulation due to the massage effect.

Lymphatic drainage procedures

Procedures aimed at improving lymph flow can reduce swelling and temporarily reduce body volume, but do not affect body fat. Rather, they create the illusion of weight loss without solving the underlying problem.

Teas and supplements for weight loss

Manufacturers of diet tea and weight loss supplements promise rapid weight loss, but the effectiveness and safety of these products are often not confirmed by scientific research. Some of them may even be harmful to health, causing side effects and interacting with other medications.

When sports and nutrition do not work: the "Formation of a narrow waist" operation

Sometimes, despite all efforts, genetics does not allow you to achieve the desired body proportions. Then plastic surgery comes to the rescue.

The formation of a narrow waist is an operation in which the surgeon does not remove the ribs, but changes the geometry of the hips and forms a new waist contour. During the consultation, the Olymp Clinic doctor will tell you in detail about the details of the operation, show the results of the work and ask about your expectations. The doctor will also tell you what result you can get. Realistic expectations will help you be confident and happy after surgery.

What else does the preparation for the operation include? 

Plastic surgeons at Olympus Clinics prescribe computed tomography of the chest and ribs to patients. They also draw up an individual analysis plan and issue an advisory opinion.

About the doctors of Olympus Clinics

Our specialists are sensitive doctors with extensive work experience. They have come a long way in education, regularly improve their skills, and participate in national and international scientific conferences. Plastic surgeons at Olympus Clinics are constantly improving their work techniques, making them less invasive.  They use modern equipment and often work in a team of other doctors. This allows you to ensure the complete safety of the patient.

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