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How is the seal installed?

Dental fillings are a frequently performed procedure in the dentist's office. The installation of the seal usually takes up to 30 minutes, the patient does not feel pain. But many patients are still afraid of this manipulation. To make you feel confident before the procedure, we will tell you step by step how to put a seal.

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February 27, 2024

Amalgam or composite? Types of seals

Filling is a part of the treatment of caries and a way to eliminate minor damage to the dentition. Seals are made of various materials such as amalgam, composite and ceramics. When choosing a material in Olympus Clinics, our dentists take into account the preferences and degree of tooth damage of patients.


Or silver fillings are a popular type. They are made by combining mercury with other metals such as silver, tin, and copper. The result is a durable compound.

  • The main advantage is durability. 

  • Low price.


An option for patients who like naturalness. They are made of a mixture of plastic resin, finely ground glass particles. It turns out a composition that mimics the color of the dentition.

  • They look natural. The ideal solution for front teeth, visible areas.

  • They take root well, which can prevent further damage.

  • Glass Ionomer seals

  • A universal option. They consist of acrylic, glass material. Although they may be short-lived like other fillings, they have unique advantages.

  • They can imitate the color of teeth.

  • Fluoride has been isolated for about 3 years, which can help prevent further tooth decay.

How is the procedure at Olympus Clinics?


It is easy to prepare for the procedure. The dentist begins by examining the oral cavity to assess the condition of the dentition. Next, the doctor tells about the degree of damage to the dentition, filling options. The dentist explains all the steps in detail so that you feel calm during the procedure.

Sometimes a temporary seal is installed. This is necessary so that the edges of the cavities are smooth. If they are sharp or jagged, it can cause damage. The temporary version will be replaced during sealing.

The installation process

Firstly, our dentists ensure that the installation is painless using a local anesthetic. You will not feel any discomfort during the procedure. With the help of special tools, dentists carefully remove the destroyed part of the dental unit. This step is necessary to prevent tooth loss.

To create space for the filling, doctors carefully prepare the tooth cavity. This ensures a secure fit. You and the doctor choose the material, depending on the degree of damage, your aesthetic preferences. After filling, the cavity is filled with filling material. The goal of Olymp Clinic dentists is to create a natural structure of the dental unit.

The next step is for our doctors to make a filling along the contour of the tooth for a comfortable fit. The final polishing makes the surface smooth, natural. After installation, doctors check your bite. If the patient experiences discomfort, doctors treat the seal for trouble-free functionality.

Dental treatment under a microscope

Dental restoration under a microscope at Olympus Clinics is a highly accurate method of restoring the aesthetics of a smile and the durability of a seal. Using a microscope allows the dentist to see in detail the structure of the tooth, small defects, and more accurately work out each part of it before filling. This prolongs the result of treatment for many years.

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