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Gluteoplasty or how to enlarge the buttocks

Elastic buttocks are the goal of many people who start working out at the gym. But the anatomical features of the body do not always allow you to achieve an ideal result. And not everyone loves sports. This is where plastic surgery comes to the rescue, namely, gluteoplasty. Let's tell you all about buttock correction.

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March 29, 2024

What is gluteoplasty?

This is an operation to change the appearance of the buttocks. With the help of buttock surgery, you can add volume or correct deformities after injuries. The goal of a plastic surgeon during surgery is to achieve harmony between the protrusion of the buttocks, the curve of the spine, the waist and the shape of the hips. 

Natural material or implants? Types of gluteoplasty

We have collected all types of buttock plastic surgery:

Buttock lipofilling: This method involves using the patient's own fat. The surgeon takes natural material from other parts of the patient's body (most often from the abdomen, hips or back), which is then transplanted into the buttocks to increase their volume and improve their shape. To perform the operation, the patient needs to have a sufficient amount of adipose tissue. This method may also include removing excess skin for a clearer contour.
Buttock replacement: This is an operation using artificial materials. The surgeon installs implants under the large buttock muscle or its fascia. As a result, the size of the buttocks increases, and the shape becomes more rounded. In Olympus Clinics, the operation is performed by candidates of medical sciences and doctors of the highest category. They use certified implants made of safe materials that take root and do not cause rejection. 
Combination of methods: Sometimes surgeons combine lipofilling and endoprosthesis techniques to achieve harmonious and natural results. 
Buttock Lift: This is the removal of excess skin and tissues to create a graceful contour.

Before choosing a type of gluteoplasty, consult with a plastic surgeon. At the consultation at Olympus Clinics, our specialists will tell you which method will lead you to the result of your dreams, taking into account your vision of beauty and body structure. Also, the goal of our plastic surgeons is to create realistic expectations for the patient from the operation, so that the future result will make you happier. 

Will there be scars?

The scars after gluteoplasty are invisible. This is due to the fact that surgeons use minimally invasive techniques. Over time, the scars lighten and become invisible. 

Do men perform surgery?

Sure. More and more men come to Olympus Clinics to improve their physique. Gluteoplasty allows you to create harmonious proportions of the figure for both women and men. 

Does the result last a lifetime?

Several factors affect the durability of the result. This is the patient's lifestyle, weight change, and the natural aging process. 

When choosing buttock lipofilling, part of the transplanted adipose tissue is naturally absorbed by the body within a few months after surgery. Therefore, some patients may notice a slight gradual decrease in the volume of the gluteal muscles.

A rational approach to beauty in Olympus Clinics


An important step before performing a gluteoplasty is to talk to a doctor. During the consultation, our plastic surgeons develop an individual correction plan taking into account your aesthetic needs, body anatomy, and health status. When the patient knows exactly what result he wants to get, this allows the plastic surgeon to better understand his expectations. But the idea in your head may not always coincide with the actual possible result. Our specialists have an honest conversation with patients, talk about the indications and contraindications to plastic surgery. They also prescribe a list of tests before surgery to minimize the risks. The doctors of Olympus Clinics take care not only of your beauty, but also of your health.

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