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Let's find out what is the peculiarity of the endoscopic technique

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March 29, 2024

The general principle of endoscopy

Over time, under the influence of gravity, the central oval of the face slides down, the volumes of the face mask shift and the face visually flattens. To regain youth means to restore the missing volumes. Therefore, it is not enough to stretch the surface tissues of the facial mask to achieve the desired effect.

It is endoscopic correction that allows you to move and restore displaced volumes in the central oval of the face. During the operation, the tissues of the facial mask are separated by a single block from the fixed structures of the skeleton, moved and fixed according to the indications and wishes of the patient in an aesthetically advantageous position.


During the operation, we do without incisions on the face: incisions of 1-2 centimeters are located in the scalp and / or in the mouth from the mucous membrane – in inconspicuous places. They play the role of technical access points for the introduction of an endoscope (video system) and special tools into the necessary deep layer of the facial mask.

Thanks to a special video camera, the surgeon penetrates into the desired layer of the facial mask and performs tissue detachment with special tools using an image displayed on a monitor and magnified tenfold – not under direct eye control. The surgeon clearly sees all the structures he works with and controls the process as much as possible.

In the process, nothing is removed – neither the skin nor the fat bags – and is not introduced from the outside: the work takes place only with the soft tissues of the face. It is often enough to restore the volumes so that the skin straightens and tightens on the restored volumes. Fat packs are redistributed.

Due to deep detachment, scar tissue does not form in the surface layers of the facial mask, the naturalness of facial expressions is preserved and postoperative stigmas are avoided. After other techniques, stigmas can manifest themselves both during facial activity and in a calm state.

What is the reason for the effect of the operation?

The main effect of the operation is associated with the movement of tissues, not with their tension. Endoscopy is always working with volumes, filling in missing and lost volumes, which takes into account the three—dimensionality of the facial structure and the features of aging, anatomical development and facial expressions.

The detachment of the facial mask and its movement occur as a single unit in the deepest layer.

After surgery, in any case, there will be hypercorrection, an overly pronounced effect that will allow you not to lose the result against the background of postoperative edema and keep it stable. The severity directly depends on the tasks set.

Indications: what tasks does it cope with?

"Endoscopy" is not a template stencil operation, but a constructor with a fixed execution method. Each time at a face-to-face consultation, each patient is selected a unique combination of manipulations, which is performed by the endoscopic method. Endoscopic corrections allow you to work with different zones — both for the purpose of beatification and for the purpose of rejuvenation.

Endoscopy of the upper third of the face allows you to change the position of the eyebrows, tighten the temporal part, improve the appearance of the upper eyelid, lighten the area of the chin, open the eyes.
It often replaces an outdated technique — upper blepharoplasty.
Periorbitoplasty is an improved alternative to circular blepharoplasty.
The technique allows you to eliminate the feeling of excess skin on the upper eyelid, lift the corners of the eyes, eyebrows. Smooth out the relief under the eyes, redistribute fat packs without removing them. Tighten and smooth the transition zone from the lower eyelid to the cheekbone, tighten the zygomatic and temporal parts.
Endoscopy of the middle zone of the face corrects excessive relief, separation and visualization of fat packages of the lower eyelid, gravitational changes in the middle cheek and loss of volumes of the middle zone. The boundaries between the lower eyelid, cheekbone, and cheek are smoothed, nasolabial folds are straightened, the zygomatic zone is tightened, volumetric accents are moved from the lower cheek to a higher position. The feeling of excess skin on the lower eyelid disappears.
Classical SMAS techniques are used to correct age-related changes in the lateral parts of the face and neck.

The technique is effective, including in the case of secondary corrections, because it helps to correct undesirable phenomena after primary facial operations performed by another method. During the consultation, the doctor and the patient draw up an individual operation plan 

A unique technique – a high bar

Endoscopy is a complex surgical technique in terms of execution. It requires compliance with many conditions, specific technical skills and knowledge from the surgeon himself and the entire operating team. The entire clinic should be specially tailored for the ability to perform endoscopy.

OLYMPUS CLINICS has the most advanced equipment and all the technical capabilities to carry out this special technique. It employs first-class adherents of endoscopy, to whom you can ask all the questions you are interested in and fully trust during the consultation. With our specialists, you can be sure that you will receive endoscopic correction according to all the canons, according to its basic principles and your wishes.

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