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Nocturnal bruxism is a repetitive involuntary clenching of the jaws, which is accompanied by sounds of teeth clicking or rubbing, and is uncontrollable when a person is asleep. Many people are perplexed: "Is it dangerous?"

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June 25, 2024

The consequences of Bruxism

For a person and his environment, bruxism creates not only an inconvenience due to unpleasant sounds. Dental consequences of bruxism:

increased erasure of tooth enamel;

exostoses on the jawbone;

the presence of cracks and chips on crowns or fillings;

various kinds of damage to healthy teeth, etc.

Neurological consequences:

pain in the jaw and temporal regions;

pain and tension in the facial muscles;

limitation of the possibility of opening the mouth;

the contour of the oval of the face changes , etc.

It has been noted that nocturnal bruxism develops due to a violation of dopamine metabolism (bruxism refers to motor disorders),

"The reasons are clear.  What should be done if there is no clicking or grinding at night, but the face is still tense and there is sensitivity?"

Daytime Bruxism
This disease can manifest itself during the day, when a person is in a state of stress and tension. He involuntarily clenches his jaw tightly. This increases the tension in the chewing muscles and causes pain.

"How can this be treated?"

Treatment of bruxism
A comprehensive approach is recommended.  The dentist can choose a nighttime muscle relaxant mouth guard.  A neurologist will prescribe and conduct botulinum therapy.

On average, about 100 units of botulinum toxin are used for effective treatment. The frequency of botulinum therapy is once for 3-6 months. The expected result of the above treatment:
stability and duration of relaxation of the masticatory muscles;

reducing the frequency of headache, and possibly even its disappearance 

the disappearance of facial pain

reducing the intensity and strength of involuntary contractions of the chewing muscles;

reduction of night gnashing and snapping of teeth;

reduction of the compression force of the teeth, which helps to preserve the tooth enamel and the integrity of the teeth themselves.

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