Installation of copyright veneers

The installation of copyright veneers differs in that it is performed by a doctor who has extensive experience of aesthetic dental restoration. He will individually develop veneers, taking into account the anatomical features.

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Want to have even and snow -white teeth? Do you dream of making a smile memorable, turn it into your business card?Installing copyright veneers in Olympus Clinic is an aesthetic procedure that will give your smile an attractive appearance. Our dentists will eliminate the congenital and acquired features of the dentition, and the veneers will complete the transformation. They will give their teeth the desired color and shape.Take the first step to fulfilling a dream - sign up for the installation of copyright veneers in Olympus Clinic!

Показания и противопоказания


Dissatisfaction with the color of the teeth

Violation of the color of the teeth

Dissatisfaction with the shape of teeth

Violations of the shape of the teeth

Damage, chips, cracks

Teeth deformations

The thinning of the enamel layer

Thin tooth enamel

Diastems and three

Shcherbinka or gap between the teeth

Процесс проведения

Installation of copyright veneers



As part of a full -time consultation with a dentist, all issues regarding the installation of copyright veneers are discussed. The doctor talks in detail about the procedure, checks the absence of contraindications. Depending on the testimony and wishes of the patient, the required amount of veneers is determined, as well as their color and material from which they will be made. Preparation for the procedure involves professional oral hygiene.



The installation of copyright veneers in the Olympus clinic is performed only as prescribed by the doctor, provided that the patient did not have contraindications. The procedure consists of several stages. In the beginning, the dentist removes the cast of the dentition and sends his equipment. Then the fitting of the created overlays is taking place. If they are suitable for the patient, he feels comfortable, then the doctor proceeds to the final stage - fixing the veneers using a cementing composition. The entire process of manufacturing and installing veneers takes about two weeks.



After installing copyright veneers in Olympus, the patient must follow the oral hygiene and follow the recommendations received from the dentist. Every six months, you need to come for a preventive examination and conduct the oral cavity to the profession. To avoid chipping and damage to the veneers, you should not subject them to excessive load, for example, nibble nuts.


Installation of copyright veneers

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Терещенко Екатерина Сергеевна

Терещенко Екатерина Сергеевна

Врач стоматолог-ортопед, терапевт. Член «Общества по изучению цвета в стоматологии», член ассоциации «Стоматологи Столицы».

Экажева Марианна Солеховна

Экажева Марианна Солеховна

Врач стоматолог-ортопед. Специалист в области восстановления функциональности и эстетики зубочелюстной системы.

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Installation of copyright veneers
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