Selection of contraception

The selection of the right type of contraception will help to avoid unwanted pregnancy with a minimum risk to health, preserving and strengthening the reproductive function of a woman.

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Prevention of unplanned pregnancy is an important stage in family planning. Modern methods of contraception play an important role in this matter. They help to prevent an undesirable pregnancy, and the use of condoms helps to protect against sexually transmitted infections. There are various forms of contraceptive means when it comes to hormones. Hormonal contraceptives can be used in the form of tablets, a patch, a vaginal ring and an intrauterine spiral.Non -hormonal contraceptive agents are condoms, a cervical cap and spermicides. In the Olympus clinic, experienced gynecologists individually select a suitable, effective protection method. Hormonal agents are the most modern method of contraception, which can be prescribed not only for the purpose of contraception, but also for therapeutic purpose for abundant and painful menstruation, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome. Hormonal patch is an alternative to tablets. It is a thin film with hormones that suppress ovulation. The intrauterine spiral can be hormonal and non -hormonal.The hormonal Navy, as a rule, is prescribed for therapeutic purpose, and non -hormonal spiral is used in the presence of contraindications for the use of hormones or the desire of a woman. The vaginal ring is a local contraceptive, using which hormones are released directly into the vagina. All hormonal contraceptives have a reversible effect. After the cancellation of contraceptives, pregnancy is possible in the first menstrual cycle. You can discuss all possible indications and contraindications of the application of contraceptives at the reception of a gynecologist Olympus Clinic.

Показания и противопоказания


Prevention of unplanned pregnancy

Selection of suitable contraceptive means

In the treatment of endometriosis, PMS

Conservative and operational methods of treatment

As part of the complex therapy of painful, abundant menstruation

Weakening of discomfort and pain

Процесс проведения

Selection of contraception


Contracent selection consultation

During the initial consultation, the doctor examines the patient. The doctor will determine the volume of the necessary additional examinations individually.


Selection of contraceptive method

Based on the results of the diagnosis, the gynecologist selects the most suitable, effective method of contraception and gives all the necessary recommendations.


Post -processing period

After selecting contraception, a planned visit to the gynecologist is carried out once every six months


Selection of contraception

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Selection of contraception
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