Organ -preserving operation on the mammary gland

The trend of modern oncosurgery - conducting operations that allow you to achieve the best result - radically remove the tumor, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance of the mammary gland.

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One of the most terrible diagnoses that a woman can make is the neoplasms of the mammary gland.With a similar diagnosis, the breasts are most often removed, but in the early stages of cancer it can be preserved. And thanks to many years of experience, Olympus Clinic professionals do it first -class!If you have a cancer at an early stage or you have mammological diseases that can lead to this diagnosis, hurry to make an appointment with a clinic Olympus doctor! You have every chance to preserve the mammary gland and cure a malignant disease in the best conditions

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Breast neoplasms

Benign and malignant tumors in the mammary gland

Процесс проведения

Organ -preserving operation on the mammary gland



At the consultation, an oncologist examines the patient, reveals complaints. Then he prescribes diagnostic studies, including tests for hormones, ultrasound, biopsy. Depending on the clinical case, the doctor selects the methodology of the operation, which will be aimed at preserving the mammary gland and its appearance. At the consultation, the doctor will answer all the patient’s questions about the operation, and also give recommendations for its preparation.



The operation is carried out when the surgeon is sure that it can conduct it with a good cosmetic result. It passes under the anesthesia in the operating room for about 3 hours. After surgery, the patient remains for 1 day in the hospital, and then returns home. The rehabilitation period is 2 weeks. At this time, it is important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations and avoid injuries. Throughout all stages of treatment, the doctor advises the patient and prescribes postoperative therapy, which is indicated in the treatment of breast cancer.


Organ -preserving operation on the mammary gland

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Organ -preserving operation on the mammary gland
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