Treatment of inflammatory diseases

Inflammatory gynecological diseases are often accompanied by pain, burning, uncharacteristic secretions, cycle disorders. It is necessary to immediately contact a gynecologist who will find out the cause and prescribe treatment.

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Gynecological diseases bring a woman a lot of problems: the menstrual cycle is disturbed, sexual life becomes uncomfortable, uncharacteristic discharge spoils life. In addition, the consequences of gynecological diseases are fraught with infertility, if you do not undergo treatment in a timely manner.In Olympus, you have the opportunity to cure acute chronic diseases of the genital organs: cervix, vulva, vagina, uterus and appendages caused by pathogenic microorganisms (gardnerella, ureaplasmas, mycoplasmas), as well as sexually transmitted bacteria, trichomoniasis and others) .Want to cure gynecological diseases once and for all? - Then sign up for the Olympus Clinic for a consultation with a qualified gynecologist! Our doctors perform complex treatment of various gynecological diseases.

Показания и противопоказания


Uncharacteristic discharge

Unusual color, smell or structure of discharge

Pain in the lower abdomen

Discomfort in the lower part of the abdominal region

Violation of the menstrual cycle

Irregular, meager, long or rare menstruation


Discomfort and presence of bloody discharge

Painful urination

Burning or discomfort when urinating

Pain for sexual intercourse

Discomfort with intimacy

Процесс проведения

Treatment of inflammatory diseases



At a full-time consultation, a gynecologist finds out whether the patient has complaints, prescribes tests to assess the health status of a woman’s reproductive system. The doctor prescribes microscopic, bacteriological, immunological studies, ultrasound, the results of which can be obtained in the near future. Before the consultative and diagnostic technique, the shower should be carefully taken and the bladder is empty. And also to be prepared for issues regarding the menstrual cycle, namely: when there was the last menstruation, how many days the cycle lasts, whether hormonal failures occur.



Treatment of gynecological diseases depends on the diagnosis or pathogen of infection. As a rule, this is a comprehensive drug anti -inflammatory treatment, with mandatory rehabilitation to restore uterine receptors. If a more serious cause of the inflammatory process, for example, a tumor of the female genital organs, was revealed on the diagnosis, the doctor can offer other treatment methods, in agreement with the patient.


Treatment of inflammatory diseases

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Treatment of inflammatory diseases
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