Consultation of the endocrinologist

The endocrinologist provides assistance to patients with endocrine diseases. Regular observation of an endocrinologist is necessary for patients with diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, and kushing syndrome.

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Endocrinologists Olympus Clinic are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the endocrine system, as well as the prevention of hormonal disorders, sexual dysfunctions, metabolic disorders and other pathologies.More than 35% of the adult population suffers from iodine deficiency, every fifth person suffers from the goiter, every third woman has thyroid nodes. About 5 million people suffer from diabetes, and the number of patients grows every year. This statistics confirm the need for a regular visit to the endocrinologist.Even if the symptoms showed seem to you insignificant, you can not postpone an appointment with a doctor due to the fact that many diseases are progressive, provoke complications, negatively affect other body systems and require long -term and sometimes lifelong therapy.

Показания и противопоказания


Increased fatigue

Strengthening sweating, weakness, drowsiness, impaired sleep and memory

Serious changes in food behavior

Causeless decrease or weight gain, increase or loss of appetite

Skin and hair problems

Enhanced hair growth, including atypical places or atypical hair loss, dry skin, acne, acne rash

Premature menopause

Early offensive of menopause

Problems with pregnancy

Infertility, inexcompanying pregnancy


Increase in the pectoral glands in men

Процесс проведения

Consultation of the endocrinologist


Primary reception

At the initial appointment, the endocrinologist listens to the patient’s complaints and collects an anamnesis. After the conversation, an inspection is carried out. Additionally, weighing and measurement of growth, weight and temperature of the body, pulse frequency and blood pressure are carried out.According to the results of the initial reception, the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis and prescribes a certain amount of examination, including the study of hormonal status, glucose, blood electrolytes, and an ultrasound.The average cardiologist consultation depends on complaints and lasts from 30 to 90 minutes


Repeated reception

It is necessary to come to a second consultation after receiving the results of the examination. Having studied them, the endocrinologist diagnoses and prescribes treatment for the patient, and also consults on the issue of lifestyle, nutrition, and prevention of endocrine diseases. If the pathology is chronic, the endocrinologist will clarify with what regularity it is necessary to come for examinations and take tests to assess the dynamics of the disease.


Consultation of the endocrinologist

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Свиридонова Марина Александровна

Кандидат медицинских наук. Врач-эндокринолог. Специалист в области диагностики и лечения пациентов с различной эндокринной патологией.

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Consultation of the endocrinologist
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