Consultation of a nutritionist

A dietitian is a narrow specialist who selects a diet, taking into account the indicators of bioimpendance and individual characteristics.

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There are many sections of endocrinology. An endocrinologist-dietitologist is engaged in diseases associated with metabolic disorders.Its competence includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oleards associated with metabolic disorders, such as diabetes mellitus, diseases of the thyroid gland, obesity.In Olympus, you can get a consultation with a doctor of a nutritionist and endocrinologist. The doctor will determine the reasons caused by overweight, and on the basis of these data will select a diet and treatment. Our nutritionists of endocrinologists use techniques for weight correction that do not harm the body.

Показания и противопоказания


Dissatisfaction with the appearance

Weight correction is required

Obese patients

Excessive fat deposits that harm health

Patients with metabolic syndromes

Chronic common polyetiological disease associated with behavioral factors

Patients with chronic pathologies

Chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, digestive organs, cardiovascular system, etc.

Patients with hypercholesterolemia or hyperglycemia

Patients with a high level of cholesterol or glucose in the blood

The inability to achieve the desired results in alternative ways

Sport does not help bring the body to the desired shape

Процесс проведения

Consultation of a nutritionist


Primary reception

At the initial appointment, the endocrinologist listens to the patient’s complaints, collects an anamnesis and examines. The main goal of an endocrinologist’s nutritionist at the initial stage is to determine the patient’s health, identifying hidden problems, as well as assessing the level of physical activity and rate of metabolic processes. This is the basis for the development of a diet suitable for a particular person.The average consultation of a nutritionist depends on complaints and lasts an average of about an hour.



If the patient has problems that the endocrinologist should solve, an additional examination for hormones is necessary. This will prescribe therapy, normalizing hormonal background, which allows to establish vital processes.A nutritionist of an endocrinologist can direct to such examinations as a general blood and urine test, determination of glucose levels, biochemistry, ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal organs.To accurately determine the ratio of adipose and muscle tissue, determining the amount of fluid, bone mass, the method of bioimedance analysis is used. Having these exact indicators, a doctor of a nutritionist an endocrinologist can choose an individual diet that is fully consistent with the needs of the body.



An important part of the course of treatment for an endocrinologist is the correct psychological mood of the patient. If the prescribed diet is significantly different from the usual, it is difficult to get used to it. At first, the doctor of the nutritionist accompanies the patient, evaluates his well -being, change the condition, and, if necessary, makes adjustments to the diet. This allows you to go as comfortable as possible to a new diet.Treatment with a nutritionist is always a joint work of a doctor and a patient. In addition to the diet, the dietetric program may include a certain regime of physical activity or drug treatment of the body's problems.The treatment results are required to monitor the dynamics in order to make adjustments in time if necessary.


Consultation of a nutritionist

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Consultation of a nutritionist
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