Comprehensive non -surgical treatment of arthrosis

Attrosis is often manifested by morning stiffness in the joint, pain and discomfort after physical exertion. The best effect is given by complex therapy, which will be a profile specialist-a-hammers.

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The gradual destruction of the joints is a frequent age -related disease, known as arthrosis. During the development of this disease, the articular cartilage scores and disappears. Such a violation of anatomical integrity causes friction, unbearable pain in the joint, the constraint of movements, and subsequently this can lead to complete immobility and disability.Complex non -surgical therapy of arthrosis is carried out in the Olympus clinic to prevent complications of the disease and preserve the joint.The individual treatment program includes drug therapy, intra-articular injection and PRP therapy, as well as the work of a rehabilitologist. Timely treatment of arthrosis will restore articular cartilage, improve joint mobility, reduce pain, edema, inflammation.

Показания и противопоказания



Damage to the cartilage tissue of the joints

Increasing pain at load

Severe pain caused by physical exertion on the joint

Crunch, clicks in the joints when moving

Dystrophic changes, reduction or increasing pressure inside the joint capsule


Limitability in movements at the load on the joint

Inability to play sports

Limitations of physical activity

Inefficiency of conservative treatment

The effect can be short -term and unstable.

Процесс проведения

Comprehensive non -surgical treatment of arthrosis


Consultation before the operation

During the initial consultation, an orthopedic traumatologist conducts a clinical examination of the patient and special tests, evaluates the volume of movements. Complex examinations are prescribed, which include instrumental diagnostics (radiography, MRI).


Injection therapy of the joint

Injection therapy is performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia and takes 5-7 minutes. After the procedure, the patient may return to the usual graphics, excluding a visit to the sauna, bath and gym on this day. Injection therapy is performed individually compiled course. After a control inspection, it is repeated after 6 weeks. The resulting effect will be accumulative and prolonged.


Postoperative period

After injection therapy, the removal of pain, inflammation occurs quickly, and the improvement and restoration of motor functions is observed within 3-4 weeks. To maintain the result, it is recommended to repeat the course 1-2 times a year.


Comprehensive non -surgical treatment of arthrosis

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Comprehensive non -surgical treatment of arthrosis
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