Intimate laser rejuvenation Intimalase Fotona

Intimalase Fotona laser rejuvenation is a procedure that restores the tone of the vaginal tone by stimulating metabolic processes in cells.

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With age, many women are faced with sagging skin of the external and internal genital organs, as well as vaginal relaxation syndrome. It is manifested by a decrease in muscle tone and vaginal elasticity, an increase in its volume. This negatively affects the quality of sexual life and provokes various sexual disorders.The laser technique of Intimalase Fotona is an innovative procedure that allows you to return the vaginal tone and again enjoy the intimate life again. She successfully fights age -related changes, returns tone and elasticity. The procedure is painless, it does not cause any discomfort and does not require rehabilitation.The essence of the methodology lies in the delicate heating of the walls of the vagina, which leads to the compaction of collagen fibers and tissue contraction. Thermal impulses launch the processes of reconstruction of collagen, which makes the fabrics more elastic and elastic. Forget about age -related changes in delicate areas and begin to enjoy life again - sign up for an appointment with Olympus Clinic.

Показания и противопоказания


Vaginal relaxation syndrome

Loss of elasticity and tone of the walls of the vagina

Increased vaginal volume

Muscle damage during childbirth

Dissatisfaction with an intimate life

Discomfort during intercourse

Age -related changes

The skin of the skin of external and internal genital organs

Процесс проведения

Intimate laser rejuvenation Intimalase Fotona



Intimate rejuvenation begins with a doctor’s consultation. The gynecologist will listen to the patient’s complaints and recommend a procedure that will help to get rid of them. It is necessary to undergo a gynecological examination with a fence of strokes, as well as an ultrasound to exclude inflammations and problems that require treatment. As such, preparation for intimate rejuvenation is not needed. The only restriction is that you should not do it during menstruation.



Intimalase Fotona laser rejuvenation is a quick and comfortable procedure. It takes up to half an hour and does not cause the patient either pain or discomfort. If necessary, local anesthesia can be used. The doctor applies a special analgesic cream to the perineum area, and after 10-15 minutes begins the main procedure. Using a special laser reflector, the gynecologist affects specific areas of the mucosa. The laser delicately heats the walls of the vagina, due to which they narrow and gain tone. The procedure is carried out in a course of 3-4 sessions with a frequency of once a month. The effect will increase after each visit to the doctor. You can evaluate the final result at the end of the course.



The use of Intimalase Fotona laser does not imply damage and injuries. Therefore, as such, rehabilitation is not required after the procedure. You can immediately return to the usual lifestyle. The only restriction is that within 3 days you should refrain from sexual contacts.

Услуга проводится с применением оборудования Fotona

The Fotona device has a wide range of application. A unique system can perform facial rejuvenation, laser grinding of scars, stretch marks, scars, get rid of acne, post -acne, and pigmentation sections. Used for coagulation of telangiectasias. The azure ray penetrates into the layers of the dermis to a given depth. Similarly, the effect on the desired layer of fabrics.



Intimate laser rejuvenation Intimalase Fotona

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Intimate laser rejuvenation Intimalase Fotona
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