Surgical treatment of gynecological diseases

Conducting surgical intervention for gynecological diseases is prescribed by a gynecol doctor as a method of radical treatment.

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Is surgery required to treat gynecological diseases? Want to choose a clinic with modern equipment, caring and high -class specialists?Surgical treatment at Olympus Clinic is an ideal solution! Our doctors conduct surgical interventions in operating rooms equipped with high -tech equipment. Patients are monitored by experienced anesthesiologists.Take the first step to restore women's health - sign up for a consultation at Olympus Clinic!

Показания и противопоказания


Ovarian cysts and tumors

The presence of anomalous education on the ovary.

ProLaps genitalia

Prolapse or prolapse of the internal genital organs

Anomalies of the development of the genitals

Violation of anatomy due to incomplete organogenesis


The inability to get pregnant after regular uninvited acts

Uterine fibroids

benign tumor from uterine tissue


The fabric grows outside the uterine mucosa

Процесс проведения

Surgical treatment of gynecological diseases



Before the start of surgical treatment, it is necessary to visit confrontation with a gynecologist, within the framework of which all the details of the future operation are discussed, the patient is diagnosed and examined. Based on the information received, the doctor calculates the cost of treatment, prescribes the necessary tests and prescribes an advisory conclusion.



Surgical treatment in Olympus clinics is carried out only as prescribed by a doctor. Before the operation, the patient needs to provide the results of tests and examinations in a timely manner. He should not have contraindications for the implementation of planned surgical intervention.Surgical treatment takes place under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The choice of the drug and the duration of the intervention depend on the characteristics of the body, type and volume of correction.



After surgical treatment, the patient may go home or stay in the comfortable ward Olympus Clinic, where medical staff monitors his condition around the clock to eliminate the risk of complications.To form the desired result after discharge, it is necessary to observe restrictions and follow the recommendations obtained from the attending Doctor.


Surgical treatment of gynecological diseases

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Майскова Ирина Юрьевна

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Чернышева Юлия Викторовна

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Surgical treatment of gynecological diseases
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