Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a method that combines an accurate diagnosis of malignant cells using photosensitizers and their destruction during the procedure.

Price list

hands - 5,500 rubles

postoperative rehabilitation - 5,500 rubles

face area - 6,500 rubles

face neck decollete zone - 9,500 rubles

back zone - 9,500 rubles

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Photodynamic therapy is an effective and non -invasive method of treating skin cancer. This method is based on the ability of drugs to selectively accumulate and stay in tissue of malignant neoplasms.Under the influence of the energy of laser radiation in cells and tissues, photochemical reactions develop with the release of single oxygen and free radicals, which leads to the death and destruction of tumor cells without negative effects on healthy tissues and organs.Photodynamic therapy has practically no complications and side effects, therefore it is widely used all over the world.

Prescriptions and contraindications



Tumor from the basal layer of skin epithelium

Sloclet neoplasms of the skin

Malignant skin tumors occurring from epithelial cells of the skin epidermis or hair follicles.


A malignant tumor formed from skin melanocytes.

Service procedure

Photodynamic therapy



At a full -time consultation, the doctor finds out what complaints the patient has, then examines him and appoints an examination. On the day of consultation, the patient may be offered a biopsy, which makes it possible to identify the disease and make an accurate diagnosis. If the tests confirm the malignant neoplasm of the skin, then the doctor talks in detail about photodynamic therapy and answers all the patient’s questions about this procedure. A surgeon-oncologist can offer the patient other types of treatment, such as surgical treatment or targeted drug therapy.



The procedure is completely painless. First, the doctor begins intravenous-drunk administration of the drug for 30 minutes. Then it is necessary to wait for the drug to accumulate in the tissues. After 1.5 hours, the session begins on the device itself that lasts about 10-15 minutes. As a result of a photodynamic reaction, necrosis of education occurs: it blackens and dies for several days.It is advisable to come to the patient in sunglasses, because the drug is excreted from the body up to 6 hours. After the session, you can not go to open sunny rays.


Photodynamic therapy

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Photodynamic therapy
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